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Division - Ascension To Eternity (1998)

14 songs - Progressive Metal

Catalog No. SR-0015

UPC # 65115980153

Kittens on Crack Publishing (ASCAP)

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Division - Ascension To Eternity (1998)

1. Children of the Stone
2. Departed
3. Risen
4. Heaven and Hell
5. Common Bonds
6. Articles of Faith
7. All of Our Yesterdays

8. Temptation
9. Eraser
10. Veiled
11. Remberance
12. Winters Rain
13. Free
14. Time Between Times (Live)

Progressive metal from the music group Division.
Produced by Mike Blevins and Matt Crooks.
Released on Siegen Records.

This product is sub-distributed by Ravenhurst Records.

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