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Dali's Watch - Breakfast Serial (2014)

12 songs - Experimental Progressive Rock

Catalog No. RH-008

UPC # 613285832824

Mic Wynne Publishing (ASCAP)

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Dali's Watch - Breakfast Serial (2014)

1. Pandemic
2. Blissful Ignorance
3. Without a Whisper
4. Little Man Angry
5. Moonlight Weeps
6. Breakfast Serial

7. Ray of Light
8. Price of Freedom
9. Don't Miss California
10. Bleak
11. Ghosts of the Past
12. Ordinary World **

Experimental progressive rock music by Dali's Watch from Rockville, Maryland.
Recorded by Mic Wynne and Drew Mazurek.
Mixed and Mastered by Drew Mazurek.
Released by Ravenhurst Records.

Official Dali's Watch Site

For publishing information and ISRC registrations see Mic Wynne Publishing (ASCAP).
** Duran Duran (Sony Music Publishing)

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